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TV food ads exposure may encourage eating in the absence of hunger among preschoolers (2017-02-01)

In an experiment with 60 kids aged 2 to 5 years, researchers focused on how advertising influences whatís known as eating in the absence of hunger.
Preschoolers in the United States are heavily exposed to unhealthy food advertisements.

Researchers gave all the children a healthy snack to make sure they had a full belly, and then sat the kids down to watch a 14-minute TV program with ads for Bugles corn chips or for a department store.

All of the kids had Bugles corn chips and one other snack in front of them while they watched the show.

Children who saw ads for the corn chips ate 127 calories on average, compared to just 97 calories for kids who didnít see Bugles on the screen, researchers report in Pediatrics.

Early childhood is an important time for children to learn healthy eating habits. Exposure to food advertisements influences the food preferences and requests of preschool aged children.

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