Living is surely something very complex and living well certainly isnít easy, but living better than we already do is surely possible.Ideas and principals, cues, meditation, thoughts, all tied by a thread: living life at its best.

Some more developed, others just introduced, many still to be enclosed, all will be investigated in these pages. All together they are part of a philosophy of life that, starting from reality, help us live in a more complete way and in harmony with who and what exists.

Everyone can choose what they like: the site can be used at many levels.

In the most complete respect of everyoneís ideas (ours included). We started with the idea that each one of us is free to believe in what he or she wants, and that understanding it doesnít mean sharing it.

We thank you beforehand if you will not label us nor define us before having known us fully, it would be more honest. Generally, itís also against these attitudes, that our thought is directed.In this philosophical section, each thought begins from everyday life and the problems we might face.

It doesn't expect to solve all our problems, but, by also giving us some basic principles, it allows us to live a better life anyway

Marco Dal Negro



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