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Nano Tracer

Food or Fraud? A smart universal tool enables food authentication with the naked eye (2017-08-29)   


Alcohol during pregnancy ups the likelihood of addiction later in life (2017-07-17)   

Vegetarian diet

Vegetarian diet is a risk factor for symptomatic gallstone disease (2017-07-10)   

Oceans and Fisheries

Ten million tonnes of fish wasted every year despite declining fish stocks (2017-06-29)   

Celiac disease

Viruses may play a role in initiating immune responses against gluten (2017-06-26)   

Diet beverages

Drinking diet beverages during pregnancy linked to child obesity (2017-06-21)   

Low-fat dairy consumption

Frequent low-fat dairy consumption may increase Parkinson’s disease risk (2017-06-19)   

Salt and metabolism

How the body controls its salt and water balance (2017-05-29)   

Polyphenolic profiles

Six ancient apple varieties and a commercial apple have been studied monitoring their polyphenolic profiles (2017-05-12)    

Go for Gold

How to minimise exposure to acrylamide when cooking at home (2017-01-24)    


Most of a fish is discarded by the fisheries industry (2016-12-12)    

Food additives, inflammation, cancer

Food additives promote inflammation, colon cancer in mice (2016-11-29)    

Cooking burgers FSA

Don’t burger up your bank holiday (2016-08-26)    

The U.K. soft drinks sugar tax

Britain launches soft drinks sugar tax to fight obesity (2016-08-22)    

Milk and serotonin

Some cows make more nutritious milk when happy (2016-08-11)    

Extra virgin olive oil (EVOO)

Genes and miRNAs expression changes mediated by acute high- and low-polyphenols Extra virgin olive oil intake (2016/08/02)    

Pollutant in fish

Persistent organic pollutants hazardous to human and environmental health are present in fish and other foods (2016-06-17)    

Beef without cow

An Indian American Dream: eating beef without cow (2016-05-31)    

Our Food Future

Our Food Future: Are we losing touch with our food and each other? (2016-05-11)    

Food and Health

Ultra-thin coating of silk fibroin protein keeps fruit fresh without refrigeration (2016-05-10)    

Food and Health

Global Shift in Farmed Fish Feed May Impact Nutritional Benefits Ascribed to Consuming Seafood (2016-03-17)    

Food and Health

Flavonoid-rich foods and drinks may prevent erectile dysfunction (2016-01-26)    

Food and Health

MEPs move to reduce permitted sugar content in baby foods (2016-01-24)    

Sei quel che mangi: sai cosa sei?

Carne rossa e cancro: tiriamo le somme (19/01/2016)


Campbell Soup is the first major company to start GMO labeling (2016-01-12)     

Health and Food

Vegetarian diet and mental disorders (2016-01-03)    

Health and Food

FDA Annual Summary Report: U.S. sales of antibiotics for food animals rose over six years (2015-12-23)    

Alimenti e ambiente

Mangiare lattuga è tre volte più dannoso per l'ambiente che mangiare pancetta (15/12/2015)

Health and Food

Plant hormone may play a vital role in blood sugar control and diabetes management (2015-12-14)    

Sei quel che mangi

Come fare il caffé perfetto, che non esiste (11/12/2015)

Food and Health

Linking nutrition and the gut microbiota to brain development (2015-12-04)    


Male and female drinking patterns becoming more alike in the US (2015-11-24)    

Health and Food

Low-Fat Diet Not Most Effective In Long-Term Weight Loss (2015-11-20)    

Sei quel che mangi

OGM: il Parlamento boccia la proposta sui divieti nazionali (17/11/2015)

Health and Food

Problems with ability to smell or taste common in middle-aged and older adults (2015-11-09)    

Sei quel che mangi

Come fare l'uovo sodo perfetto, che non esiste (02/11/2015)