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Study finds unexpected link between glaucoma and erectile dysfunction (2017-01-18)

According to a new study by Canadian scientists men with glaucoma are over 2.58 times more likely to have erectile dysfunction (ED) compared to men without the eye disease and 40% of the men with glaucoma also has erectile dysfunction.

The study focused on 128 men over age 40 who were patients at an ophthalmology clinic in Vancouver, British Columbia. Sixty-one men had glaucoma and the remaining 67 patients served as a control group.

The severity of the two conditions appeared to be linked as well: the severity of the two conditions were “significantly correlated,” the authors wrote.

Co-author and UBC ophthalmology professor Frederick Mikelberg emphasized that the results do not indicate a cause and effect relationship. It’s possible that blood vessel inflammation could interfere with eye health and impair blood flow to the penis, which is needed for a firm erection.

Another interesting and strong correlation to glaucoma is presence of migraines. And migraine headaches are a vascular disease often caused by vascular spasms or vasospasms – constrictions of the arteries.
A migraine is a special kind of vascular headache. Blood vessels constrict and decrease blood flow to parts of brain.
This mechanism may occur in glaucoma and in ED.

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