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Blood types and erectile dysfunction (2017-03-29)

Is there a relationship between erectile dysfunction (ED), thought to be a vascular disease, and AB0 blood group?.

A turkish study at the Department of Urology, Ordu University, Faculty of Medicine, included 350 people abiding by the study criteria from April 2012-April 2015.

The patients were divided into two groups including those with Erectile Dysfunction (Group 1) and those without (Group 2).

Age, blood group, International Index of Erectile Function (IIEF-5) score and presence of additional diseases were recorded.
Erectile functions were analyzed according to blood group.

There was no difference between the mean age of 111 patients with Erectile Dysfunction and that of 239 patients without ED included in the study.

There was no difference between patients in the two groups in terms of smoking, alcohol use, hypertension and diabetes.

The risk of erectile dysfunction was significantly increased for individuals in the A, B and AB blood groups compared to individuals in the 0 blood group.

The IIEF-5 scores of individuals in the 0 blood group were significantly high compared to individuals in other blood groups.

Logistic regression analysis found that compared to the 0 blood group, the erectile dysfunction risk was 3.9 times greater for the A blood group, 3.5 times greater for the B blood group and 4.7 times greater for the AB blood group.

Among patients in the erectile dysfunction group, the mean IIEF-5 score according to blood group was 19.8 ± 5.04 in the 0 blood group, 16.5 ± 5.2 in the A blood group, 17.2 ± 5.3 in the B blood group and 13.3 ± 3.02 in the AB blood group.

The increased erectile dysfunction risk in th AB blood group may be related to the synergic effect caused by the presence of A and B antigens together.

The reason for the relationship between AB0 blood groups and erectile dysfunction identified in this study may be related to endotelial dysfunction and related atherosclerosis occurring in erectile tissue.
Many studies have shown a relationship between atherosclerotic vascular desease and AB0 blood groups.

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Are erectile functions affected by AB0 blood group?
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