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Finger vein recognition

Blood vessels prove you are you (2017-08-16)  

Sunscreen and Infants

Should You Put Sunscreen on Infants? (2017-08-14)  

Multiple sclerosis

Human gut microbe may lead to treatment for multiple sclerosis (2017-08-10)  

Diabetes retinopathy

Diabetes retinopathy: individualized eye exam schedule results in lower costs and better outcomes (2017-08-08)  


Perceiving oneself as less physically active than one’s peers is linked to a shorter lifespan (2017-08-03)   


Erectile dysfunction affects more than half of men with diabetes (2017-08-02)   


High testosterone levels can mean weakened immune response (2017-08-01)   

Circadian rhythms

Why does darkness make us sleepy? The Neural Relationship Between Light and Sleep (2017-07-31)   

Alcohol use disorder

Why do we drink too much alcohol? Hormones and amygdala have an answer (2017-07-27)   

Alzheimer’s marker

Blood test could detect early sign of Alzheimer’s key Alzheimer’s marker (2017-07-26)   

Heartburn drugs

Popular heartburn pills known as proton pump inhibitors (PPIs) tied to greater mortality (2017-07-24)   

Herpes virus

Hidden herpes virus may keep brain from fixing myelin (2017-07-20)   

Liver injury

Study reveals bile duct cells can be reprogrammed to repair severe liver injury (2017-07-18)   


Alcohol during pregnancy ups the likelihood of addiction later in life (2017-07-17)   


No asthma found in one third of Canadian adults With Physician-Diagnosed Asthma (2017-7-14)   

Drug-resistant bacterial pathogens

PUM: a new antibiotic from microbial extract screening (2017-07-11)   

Vegetarian diet

Vegetarian diet is a risk factor for symptomatic gallstone disease (2017-07-10)   

West Nile Virus Italy

Reconstructing the recent West Nile virus lineage 2 epidemic in Europe and Italy (2017-07-07)   

Animal research

Whether we are male or female heavily influences the prevalence, course and severity of many diseases (2017-07-06)   


Study examines accuracy and reproducibility of melanoma biopsy findings (2017-07-05)   

Gut microbes

Researchers connect brain blood vessel lesions to intestinal bacteria (2017-06-30)   

Fracking and Health

Fracking associated with migraines, fatigue, chronic nasal and sinus symptoms, asthma, premature birth and increased levels of radon in Pennsylvania homes (2017-06-28)   

Celiac disease

Viruses may play a role in initiating immune responses against gluten (2017-06-26)   


Scientists uncover how sunlight on skin reduces eczema inflammation (2017-06-22)   

Diet beverages

Drinking diet beverages during pregnancy linked to child obesity (2017-06-21)   

Physical activity

19-year-olds in U.S. as sedentary as 60-year-olds (2017-06-20)   

Low-fat dairy consumption

Frequent low-fat dairy consumption may increase Parkinson’s disease risk (2017-06-19)   

Antidepressant drugs

Depression, antidepressant drugs and venous thromboembolism risk (2017-06-18)   


New research identifies a neural circuit in the brain that controls wakefulness (2017-06-13)   

Preterm babies

Touch, skin-to-skin care by parents shapes the brain of preterm babies (2017-06-07)   


Common class of chemicals increase cancer risk by breaking down DNA repair mechanisms (2017-06-03)   


Frequent recreational use of cannabis increases the risk of gum disease (2017-06-01)   

Salt and metabolism

How the body controls its salt and water balance (2017-05-29)   

Breast cancer genetic testing

How much doctors and you understand breast cancer genetic testing results? (2017-05-25)   

Alcoholic liver disease

Intestinal fungi contributes to the development of alcoholic liver disease (2017-05-24)    

Endocrine system

Bone was recently found to be part of the endocrine system: it releases hormones into the blood (2017-05-23)    


Seasonal higher temperatures are tied to an increased risk for gestational diabetes (2017-05-18)    

Physical activity

Inactive teens develop lazy bones (2017-05-16)    

Polyphenolic profiles

Six ancient apple varieties and a commercial apple have been studied monitoring their polyphenolic profiles (2017-05-12)    

Physical activity

Modest increases in physical activity for U.S. kids could save billions in future costs (2017-05-11)    


Testosterone hampers decision making and increases impulsive behavior in men (2017-05-09)    

Exercise and vitamin D

Exercise and Vitamin D Better Together for Heart Health (2017-05-05)    


Higher levels of traffic pollution tied to lower levels of HDL cholesterol (2017-04-26)    

Cybersex addiction

ADISEX is the first digital platform for the online assessment and treatment of addiction to cybersex (2017-04-21)    


Low-calorie sweeteners could promote fat accumulation in human body (2017-04-19)    


NIH advance understanding of herpesvirus infection (2017-04-14)   

Magnetic brain stimulation

Magnetic brain stimulation, weight loss and gut bacteria (2017-04-12)   

Drugs and sexual disfunction

5ARIs Associated with Sexual Dysfunction (2017-04-11)   

Food contaminants

Microbiota and food contaminants: a mycotoxin amplifies the genotoxic action of a gut bacterium (2017-04-10)   

Marathon and kidney injury

Marathon running may cause short-term kidney injury (2017-04-07)   

Neuropathic pain

Neuropathic pain: scientists discover new category of analgesic drugs (2017-04-06)   

Diet and microbiota

Too much fat rapidly unbalances the intestinal flora (2017-04-03)   

Erectile disfunction

Blood types and erectile dysfunction (2017-03-29)   

Cancer pain

Fentanyl Sublingual Tablets Versus Subcutaneous Morphine (2017-03-26)   

Postpartum depression

Low levels of anti-anxiety hormone linked to postpartum depression (2017-03-25)   

Fat tissue

Fat tissue can communicate with other organs (21-03-2017)   

Analgesic use

Popular pain-relieving medicines linked to hearing loss in women: duration of analgesic use and risk of hearing loss (2017-03-20)   

Cholesterol and statins

Cholesterol impairment contributes to neuroserpin aggregation (2017-03-19)   

Hypoxia and myogenesis

New perspective for novel therapeutic targets in the treatment of several muscle diseases (2017-03-17)    

Primary cardiovascular prevention

The use of aspirin in primary cardiovascular prevention (2017/03/16)    

Menarche and Diabetes

Association Between Age at Menarche and Gestational Diabetes Mellitus (2017-03-15)    

Oxidative stress

Milk, fruit, vegetable, total antioxidant intakes and mortality rates (2017-03-13)    

Indoor tanning

Indoor tanning-related skin cancers cost US healthcare $343 million a year (2017-03-07)    

Social fobia

Social anxiety disorders: talk therapy without medication is the most effective treatment (2017-02-26)    


Does penis length will be the same after prostate removal? (2017-02-23)    


Toxic Metals Found in E-Cigarette Liquids (2017-02-21)    


Colonoscopy benefits after age 75 questioned (2017-02-17)    


Why alcohol makes your brain feel good and very bad (2017-02-14)    


In-flow cyto-tomography on liquid samples identifies foreign and rare tumor cells circulating in the blood stream (2017-02-12)    

Multicellular dynamics

Endocytic reawakening of motility in jammed epithelia (2017-02-06)    

The hormone kisspeptin

The hormone kisspeptin, sexual arousal, romantic love and negative moods (2017-02-05)    

Alcohol and brain recovery

The brains of alcohol dependents and binge drinkers may recover differently (2017-02-04)    

Alzheimer's disease

Alzheimer’s disease could begin in the womb or just after birth (2017-02-02)    

TV food ads

TV food ads exposure may encourage eating in the absence of hunger among preschoolers (2017-02-01)    

Processing faces

The activation of face cells in the amygdala depends highly on where you are paying attention (2017-01-31)    


The longer they live in Canada the more new immigrants allergy rates increase (2017-01-30)    

Elderly hospitalized patients

Hospitalized patients treated by female physicians show lower mortality, readmission rates (2016-01-29)    

Vitamin B12

Too little food from animal sources may increase risk of preterm birth (2017-01/27)    

Neti Pots

Is Rinsing Your Sinuses With Neti Pots Safe? (2017-01-26)    

Myelin repair

Testosterone for nerve fibre repair (2017-01-25)    

Delayed cord clamping

Delayed cord clamping reduces anemia at 8 and 12 months of age (2017-01-23)    

Heartburn pills

Heartburn pills tied to bacterial gastroenteritis (2017-01-22)    

Biological aging

Too much sitting and too little exercise accelerate biological aging (2017-01-20)    


Microbes Help Produce Serotonin in Gut (2017-01-19)    


Study finds unexpected link between glaucoma and erectile dysfunction (2017-01-18)    

Avian influenza in cats

Bird flu outbreak: hundreds of cats quarantined in New York City (2017-01-17)    

Antibiotic resistance

Identification of bacterial pathogens and antimicrobial resistance directly from clinical urines (2017-01-13)    

Stem cells

A new method stimulates the renewal of living stem cells in tooth pulp using an Alzheimer’s drug (2017-01-12)    


White LEDs induce retinal degeneration and contributes to the onset of early stages of age-related macular degeneration AMD (2017-01-10)    

Sleep Paralysis

Neurons paralyze us during REM sleep (2017-01-08)    

Illness anxiety disorder

Altered functional connectivity of interoception in illness anxiety disorder (2017-01-05)    

Sex differences

It is time that research studies reflect the differences between men and women (2017-01-04)    


Parkinson's Disease Linked to Microbiome (2017-01-03)    


Shift in some teens' use and perceptions of marijuana after recreational marijuana is legalized (2016-12-29)    


A common bacterium links rheumatoid arthritis and gum disease (2016-12-28)    

Sexism and mental health

Depending on the genetic test given, the altered genes detected and cancer drugs recommended can vary widely (2016-12-20)    

Genetic cancer testing

Depending on the genetic test given, the altered genes detected and cancer drugs recommended can vary widely (2016-12-20)    


Survey reveals significant number of airline pilots report depressive symptoms, suicidal thoughts (2016-12-19)    

Baby boomers

Health of the baby boomer generation (2016-12-15)    

Testosterone therapies

Testosterone treatment and higher blood clot risk (2016-12-14)    

Pediatric immune therapies

Immune therapies for pediatric cancer patients (2016-12-06)    

Pollution and bacteria

Traces of resistant bacteria in polluted city air (2016-11-30)    

Food additives, inflammation, cancer

Food additives promote inflammation, colon cancer in mice (2016-11-29)    

Hip replacement

Physical activity does not improve after hip replacement (2016-11-28)    

Nicotine and inflammation

Scientists identify missing link between smoking and inflammation (2016-11-24)    

Pesticide exposures

Pesticide exposures can cause changes in oral microbiome (2016-11-22)    

Alzheimer's good news

New light on the nerve cell processes that lead to Alzheimer’s disease (2016-11-18)    

Boosting the ageing immune system

The natural polyamine spermidine could extend Cardioprotection and lifespan (2016-11-15)    

Daytime sleepiness

Falling asleep at your desk may be linked to pollution (2016-11-10)    


Egg Consumption eggs may be associated with reduced risk of stroke (2016-11-09)    

Lung function

Cleaning products linked to decreased lung function (2016-11-07)    

Knee injuries

Testosterone could help explain why female athletes are more likely than men to suffer knee injuries (2016-11-04)    

Weight loss and appetite

Weight loss leads to strong increase in appetite (2016-10-27)     

Migraine and epilepsy

Scientists discover non-invasive technique to monitor migraines (2016-10-25)     

Health and contraception

Hormonal contraception linked with depression (2016-10-23)     

Paracetamol and pregnancy

Acetaminophen use during pregnancy associated with behavioral problems in childhood (2016-10-12)     

Transplanted retinal cells

Retinal cells from one monkey transplanted into another without rejection (2016/09/21)    

A new analgesic

A new opioid analgesic with reduced side effects (2016-09-19)    

Cyst and hernia

A cyst misinterpreted on airport scan as security threat (2016-09-15)    

Fumo e fame

Effects of smoking and its abstinence on dietary intake and appetite (2016/09/12)    


Early life exposure to antibiotics is related in an increased risk of developing allergies later in life (2016-09-09)    

Zika Virus

FDA advises testing for Zika virus in all donated blood and blood components in the US (2016-09-07)    

WHO guidelines

Growing antibiotic resistance forces updates to recommended treatment for sexually transmitted infections (2016-09-06)    

Alzheimer and Aducanumab

Alzheimer: antibody reduces harmful brain amyloid plaques (2016-09-02)    

Bones and drugs

90 percent of older people who break a bone continue medications that that boost fracture risk (2016-09-01)    


Increased levels of hypocretin may contribute to cocaine addiction (2016-08-30)    

ESC Congress 2016 Rome

HDL: a question of quantity or quality? - ESC Congress 2016- Rome (2016-08-29)    

Cooking burgers FSA

Don’t burger up your bank holiday (2016-08-26)    

Chronic inflammatory diseases

The circadian clock regulates inflammatory arthritis (2016-08-25)    

Gum desease

Scientists discover possible new weapon in the fight against gum disease (2016-08-24)    

Cancer overdiagnosis

IARC: the growing epidemic of thyroid cancer is largely due to overdiagnosis (2016-08-23)    

The U.K. soft drinks sugar tax

Britain launches soft drinks sugar tax to fight obesity (2016-08-22)    


A new method for detecting melanoma (2016-08-19)    


Recurrent EZH1 mutations are a second hit in autonomous thyroid adenomas (2016-08-10)    


Foods good for you but not for your dog (2016-08-09)    

Cyber Attack

Banner Health Identifies Cyber Attack (2016-08-08)    


Use it or lose it: Visual activity regenerates neural connections between eye and brain (2016-08-04)    


A potential and novel way of preventing asthma at the origin of the disease (2016-07-27)    

Alcohol disorder

The Medical Research Council MRC-funded study KARE, Ketamine for Reduction of Alcoholic Relapse, is currently recruiting volunteers (2016-07-13)    


MicrobeNet: CDC expanding groundbreaking disease identification tool (2016-07-12)    

Farmaci e demenza

Common medicines tied to cognitive impairment and an increased risk of dementia (2016-07-08)    

Transcranial direct current stimulation

Calcium waves in the brain alleviate depressive symptoms and increase neural plasticity (2016-07-07)    

ED-Shock Wave Treatment

Erectile Function and Low-intensity Shock Wave Treatment: a systematic review to evaluate the therapeutic efficacy (2016-07-05)    


New anti-cancer strategy mobilizes both innate and adaptive immune response (2016-07-04)    

Fat and weight gain

How fat becomes lethal, even without weight gain (2016-07-01)    

Dopamine and Risks

Brexit: declining dopamine may explain why older people take fewer risks (2016-06-28)    

Pancreatic cancer

Researchers created the most accurate road map of pancreatic cancer to date (2016-06-27)    


Exercise training corrects impaired diabetic heart function (2016-06-24)    

Music and Health

Mozart and Strauss for treating hypertension (2016-06-23)    


Opioid Pain Relievers May Prolong Pain (2016-06-22)    


Enzyme shows therapeutic potential for breast cancer and other diseases (2016-06-21)    


Uncertainty can cause more stress than inevitable pain (2016-06-19)    

Health and fertility

Stress and everyday life factors damage sperm DNA (2016-06-15)    


New Sleep Guidelines for kids from the American Academy of Sleep Medicine (2016-06-14)    


Psilocybin for treatment-resistant depression (2016-06-13)    


Genetic links to educational attainment (2016-06-10)    


Visual impairment, blindness cases in U.S. expected to double by 2050 (2016-06-09)    


>Mammograms: Another way to screen for heart disease? (2016-06-07)    


Low Spexin hormone levels linked to obesity in teens (2016-06-06)    

Food and Health

How Being Male or Female Can Affect Your Health (2016-06-05)    


Mimicking deep sleep brain activity improves memory (2016-06-03)    


A key hormone might allow the development of new treatments for the diabetes (2016-06-02)